Key word, OTHERS! Your dreams are not theirs and will not ever be! Their dreams are not yours and will never be! What God has for you, it is for you and likewise. There have been times when you have been dreaming only to wait on someone else to bring your dream into fruition. Well my dear, that’s your job! Give your dream or dreams a date and make it a goal! Then go after it with a vengeance! Be unstoppable and immovable because this is the key to your future and to your children’s future! You are holding destiny back, go forth and do great things! Wow, do you even believe that you can accomplish big things! Do you believe that you can do great things? Do you know that you are someone special? Well you can and you are! I believe in you! God believes in you and that’s why he trusted you with this dream! Make Him proud! Stop waiting and start doing! The rest of the best of your life is waiting on you! Stop being your worst critic and start being your biggest cheerleader! Stop saying you can’t and say that you can! Stop letting fear hold you back and release your fears! Stop saying no and say yes! Stop thinking that you will fail and prepare to take flight! Learn to trust yourself enough to take risk and realize that caution takes you no where! You see it’s ok to be dropped off, it’s not ok to be picked up in the same place doing the same thing twenty years later, that’s not success or progress! Instead you have allowed life to pass you by. I’m holding you accountable for your dreams, they are going to bless so many!




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