About Get Moved

Get M.O.V.E.D.  started out as a personal journey but soon became a movement!  Get M.O.V.E.D. was really a lifeline ad key to my survival long before I knew it was my purpose.  Getting moved and helping others get moved really is my way of giving back while I am paying “it” forward.  what is the “it” that I speak of?  The “It” is my core of existence, it simply is the pure essence of joy.  The joy that one gets when they identify the two most important days in one’s life; the day one is born and the day one discovers why they were born?  Until that day, life has a way of allowing you to exist.  Somewhere during your lifespan, life happens and somehow you fall victim or become reduced to having a victim mindset.  This mindset is detrimental because it cripples, defies, destroys, debilitate and kills the spirit that burns within.  As the light of your spirit dims, your dreams, hopes and ambitions reduce from a raging fire to a mere glimmer.  In other words, failure is accepted where expectation no longer resides.  To feel hopeless, loveless and empty is to feel lifeless, therefore one accepts whatever is thrown at them.

Get M.O.V.E.D. started out as a way of me picking up the pieces of a broken heart, shattered dreams, escalated fears, an abundance of rejection which filled a ill-fitted or shall I say a non-existent identity.  I soon realized that I was not alone and that this was a problem for many, different paths but definitely a widespread problem.  Understanding that this was not a just a phase but instead a movement and lifestyle change needed for greater good.  I set out to become transparent and used my

experiences good, bad and ugly to serve as a tool to help others.  By helping others, I was constantly helping myself and I began to find my joy, renew my spirit and walk in my purpose!  Finally, I now know why I was born!

The birth of the blueprint to self discovery through self empowerment: Get M.O.V.E.D.!  The Book, site and coaching with me will serve as a catalyst for much needed change.  Coaching is a personal service that is catered to one’s needs, hence #YOURLIFEOACHDEANA because your needs are just that your needs and are exclusive to you.

I want you to be able to live your best life by being the best version of you at all times.  Being the best version of you is centered around knowing who you are, knowing your why and knowing what you require!  If you can answer these three questions, you can live, do and be whatever you want to be and to whom or whatever you choose!

This site will serve as a resource for motivation, encouragement and resource!

It’s time to live on purpose with purpose!

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