You have to hurt before you heal…

Have you experienced hurt? Was it in the past or are you still in the presence of what grieves you? Have you identified your offender? Was it a family member, mate, friend, co-worker, employer or church, etc? Who are you blaming? How fresh are your wounds? Have you masked the pain and placed a big pretty bandaid over your unhealed wounds? Are you barely making it? Are you gonna be ok? I mean really ok? Know that you must attend to and acknowledge your unhealed woes. If you don’t these woes will become the very strongholds that keep you bound. You will not have the life God planned for you, you will cheat yourself out if your destiny. You deserve better! You become comfortable and complacent. You exist instead of living. The bigness in you somehow become minimized. You even convince yourself and everyone around you that you are “fine”. When you are broken on the inside. You pain on the inside is almost unbearable and all you really want to do is cry out. Somehow you have managed to perform day-to-day task without a second thought. Finally, things seem to going ok but then out of no where, you have a flashback. That’s because you haven’t allow yourself to hurt therefore you have not, cannot and will not be able to heal. If you can’t heal, you can’t forgive. Your first step is to allow it to surface, express your true feelings, talk to someone and/or journal. Note: it is not always necessary to confront your offender. Take time to deal with your issue, it might not take 12years, lol. Forgive them and then forgive yourself! If you have never done this, take a few minutes today to stand in the mirror and verbally (out loud) forgive yourself for something you blamed or blame yourself for. It is a freeing experience. To possess the power to forgive is to possess the power to heal, remember, you have to hurt before you can heal!

Remember hurt people, hurt people. So let’s heal together!

I’ll start…
I forgive myself for staying in relationships that I didn’t want in the first place.

I forgive myself for poor choices I made that have lifetime consequences.

I forgive myself for knowing my worth

I forgive myself for loving others more than I loved self


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Your story is not over but it is ready to be shared. Your story will be the inspiration for so many. As you begin to share your story will become healed and freed on so many levels. Your story will connect you to Gods glory! Your secrets and struggles will be released. No more strongholds! You thought you would take these things to the grave with you but not so! You will bury them but you will still be alive! You will no longer be bound! For such a time as this, you were created! You will tell your story on various platforms but don’t worry you will meet the need that is at hand. Go ahead and take a deep breath because you will be most uncomfortable at first but this is where you will grow. Don’t worry about who or what got away because you are about to become what and who you were created to be! Your story is not over, you are just creating a new and better chapter!


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