Make no excuses for who or where you are in life! Make no excuses for loving who or how you love But if for some reason change needs to happen, change! You are more than your past! You are not who they say you are! You don’t have to be defined by someone else ‘s definition, instead redefine you and do it now! So, make no excuses, make the necessary changes that your life requires so you can be the best you that you can be! Make no excuse for allowing someone to use or abuse you, instead walk away, NO RUN! You don’t need to have the last word, you don’t need closure, you need to exit and exit now! Make no excuses if you are fat, instead do what it takes to become healthy starting now! Make no excuses for what you have not done, instead recognize and strategize to change things for the better, now! Make no excuses for your life, instead evaluate, take notes and then take action! Make no excuses for accepting less, instead make up your mind to require more from self then more from others. Stop waiting for validation, validate yourself! Speak life! Speak abundance! Speak love! Just speak!!! Make no more excuses, instead make things happen! Please be advise there will be things you want to do BUT THERE WILL BE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO! Make no excuses but make sure you no the difference! As you start your day, make up your mind to make no excuses for where you are at this point, instead make up your mind to make life great for you and yours from this point forward! I love you and I have all the faith that you are ready for such a time as this.



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