Yes, you have done all that you could do. Yes, you have given it your all. Yes, you have prayed and cried then prayed and cried some more but I am here to tell you it’s not over! Yes, you have exhausted all of your options and the enemy is still standing but I say don’t worry. God has been watching and waiting. He allowed you to go through so that you could know Him as a Deliverer, healer, Comforter, Keeper, Redeemer, conqueror and a way out of no way! You have only been knocked down, not out! You have only suffered little because Jesus suffered much. Your struggle and battle is real but our God is real also! He may not come when you want Him but He is always on time! God is made strong in our weakness. You have been attacked in every way possible but I am here to tell you that you were being reconstructed and reassembled because you were getting ready to walk into a new season. Your heart, mind, thoughts, words, praise and worship had to change. Your faith was tested but not shaken! Your test was validating your testimony! You see, you were knocked down so one day you teach someone else how to get back up! So go ahead and start dusting yourself off because you are already on your way back up! As you go through today, tell yourself that it could have been worse, so there is no need to complain!

Just in case you need some reassurance, a month ago you thought something else was going to take you out but truth be told you are still here and you are no where near giving up!


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