BECOMING UNCOMFORTABLE IN THE UNCOMFORTABLE! WOW! HOW MANY OF US LIKE TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE? None of us, correct? I know I don’t, I like to be comfortable! It’s who and what we know. It’s also who and what we know that makes us complacent. Notice I didn’t say content, there is a difference! One gets you to a certain point, the other keeps you there! How many know that in order to get something different, we must do something different? How many of us know that if we want change, we must evoke change? We must not live by other people’s standards; instead we must be the standard by which others live! In order to evoke change, you must be the change you want to see! Change is not easy; it is very uncomfortable but it is necessary! We keep finding ourselves uncomfortable but we try to settle in anyway, no more! I am here to tell you that you are being prepared to do, be and live differently! So get comfortable being uncomfortable from now on. You are being pushed into your future and it looks great on you!

Try it, you just might love it! There are some things that make you uncomfortable, seek them out don’t let them come find you!

Give out the invitation don’t wait to be invited! You are the HOST!

I will see you up there, elevation!



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