Starting over will require two things. First you must decide to start over. Secondly, you must live consciously! So many people get stuck or find it hard to start over because they get distracted. Many people think it’s about saying goodbyes and saying farewell when it’s NOT! It’s about saying hello and greetings to what’s to come! So what, you made some mistakes, mis-steps and mishaps, we all do! Forgive yourself, forgive others and #GETMOVED! If you must start over daily until you get it right, do just that. Don’t give up, you are worth the work. Start over so you can get to where you are destined to go and be who you are destined to be! If it’s a relationship, career or task that you failed, it’s ok you are not dead and it’s not the end; you just need to start over! YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE BUT YOU DO OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, DON’T DIE WITH REGETS, WHEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS START OVER!


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Be prepared to modify your plans because your plans may not line up with God’s plan. So often we tend to plan without consulting the Master about His plans for us, it’s just what we do! We are so busy trying to gain, accomplish and achieve things that we work ourselves into a frazzle. This is not how things are supposed to work! If you seem to be working hard just to get by or no matter what you do, things don’t work out regardless how hard you try. It probably means that these are things not in His Will because whatever is for you, is for you! You see he can knock down walls, move mountains, open doors and give you things that you never thought would be possible! He can block you from attacks of the enemy and close doors that need to be closed. If you just seek Him first and do His Will, you and your life will be forever changed! So if for some reasons things don’t go as you planned, shake it off, re-group and be prepared to modify your plans because He just might be working things in your favor! His plan is better!





BECOMING UNCOMFORTABLE IN THE UNCOMFORTABLE! WOW! HOW MANY OF US LIKE TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE? None of us, correct? I know I don’t, I like to be comfortable! It’s who and what we know. It’s also who and what we know that makes us complacent. Notice I didn’t say content, there is a difference! One gets you to a certain point, the other keeps you there! How many know that in order to get something different, we must do something different? How many of us know that if we want change, we must evoke change? We must not live by other people’s standards; instead we must be the standard by which others live! In order to evoke change, you must be the change you want to see! Change is not easy; it is very uncomfortable but it is necessary! We keep finding ourselves uncomfortable but we try to settle in anyway, no more! I am here to tell you that you are being prepared to do, be and live differently! So get comfortable being uncomfortable from now on. You are being pushed into your future and it looks great on you!

Try it, you just might love it! There are some things that make you uncomfortable, seek them out don’t let them come find you!

Give out the invitation don’t wait to be invited! You are the HOST!

I will see you up there, elevation!



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I know you think you are going through but in reality you are being set free! You have been bound by strongholds, people, places , things, situations, lifestyles, religions, traditions and expectations but no more! You are being loosed as you read this. Your prayers are being answered and your blessings are on the way! Yes, you experienced some setbacks but your that was to prepare you for your comeback. You will advance to higher heights! You will be astonished of what is to come! You have no idea of what awaits you! You were bound because you had to be in the right position for such a time as this! You might be experiencing some discomfort but know that is to be expected. You are essentially going through a birthing process. Your tears, struggles and pains have not been in vain. Your ‘new’ required a new you! Some pruning, molding, re-shaping and reconfiguring had to take place. Don’t worry, it’s all a part of the plan! Be steadfast and immovable! Your time is at hand! Prepare to receive!


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