So many people think that they know you and your story when they actually have know idea. Your story is full of secrets and ‘Hoped for’ forgotten memories. Yes you managed to have some laughs and good times along the way but truth be told, there were some very damaging occurrences and you still are not healed. No matter how much time passes, you still have some unhealed wounds that just won’t heal. You try not to think of them but every now and then something happens or something is said that causes that uncomfortable felling to show up. The tears begin to flow, that lump in your throats shows up or anger fills your heart. Your thoughts change and you do everything to prevent your ‘now’ from becoming acquainted with your ‘then’ unfortunately, you know your whole story. Well I am here to tell you that it is time to begin to peel back the layers. You know, the layers that you put on to cover up your pain, heartaches and heartbreaks. It is time for you to begin to tell your whole story, the real story! Don’t make it pretty or soft , instead tell it raw and uncut! I urge you to become your own rescue! Find your favorite song or activity to help you recover from your anticipated release of your story. You will need a retreat but you will be required to return to the frontline. Understand that this is not to break you; this is to build you up. Believe it or not, you will be better and not bitter! You will realize that you are further along than you think! Personally, I know that people will make your story about them or how they remember it and that’s ok. Remember, we are not here at this point for them but for us! Don’t get confused and don’t get distracted. the world is waiting to hear your story! You will effect change the lives of many. Let’s tell it, let’s share it and more importantly let’s write the end our story! That which was meant to kill you made you stronger! They don’t know your story but you do!


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