Starting right now refuse to be defeated! Starting right now refuse to settle! Starting right now choose to live! Starting right now, refused to have a victim mentatliy! Starting right now refuse to walk in inferiority. Starting right now stop letting your past continue to dictate your future. Starting right now decide that your best is yet to come! Whatever it is that you have longed to do, do it! Whatever you have been trying to give up, give it up! What you have been trying to move past, move! Whoever you have been trying to leave, leave! Whatever you have been needing to let go, LET GO! Starting right now know that you don’t have to just survive, you are a conqueror! Starting right now, rid yourself of your fears, your limits and your strongholds! So what are you waiting on? Your life, dreams and future endeavors are waiting on you! Starting right now go after them with a vengeance. Know that you have to deal with things you have not dealt with before you can move forward in a healthy way. So starting now, refused to let your pains, past, people, guilt, shame or fear delay you any more, refuse to accept complacency. The time is at hand for you to start right now at this time making the best of the rest of your life!



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