It is imperative that you know your worth! This is something that know one else can tell or show you, it has to come from the inside out! First, realize the standard by which you are measured, it is not the person that you are better than, instead it is compared to the best; God! You have to be willing to strive for excellence each day! You must know self! Knowing self allows you to know your worth. You have to know you worth because you have to teach people how to treat you! You have to ensure that they don’t treat you how they want to treat you, instead they must treat you how you deserve to be treated! You are worthy of the utmost love, honor and respect! You deserve praise and adoration! You are wonderfully made, you are not a mistake or coincidence. You are here on purpose with purpose! I admonish you to set your boundaries and establish your limits regarding what you will or will not accept. You are worthy and you deserve more than sympathy, a handout or to be someone else’s cause! I’m not saying you will not ever find yourself in bad situations but you will have the courage and strength to overcome adversity! History says that God gave His on begotten Son and that Jesus gave His life for you because YOU WERE WORTH SAVING! In other words you are not only worthy but Also bought by the Blood; which makes you PRICELESS! I know you are worthy because I know my worth! You are uniquely made! You can’t be duplicated! You are blessed by the best! That’s why I love you and consider it an honor to have you in my life!




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