I would love to say, “release your fears and just do it”! I would love to say, Let go and let God”! Truth of the matter is that, it’s usually not that easy nor is it that simple. That’s why I say, “do it afraid!” That means whether you are scared, nervous, fearful or afraid, you can still do it. If you do it afraid, your limits might still exist but they will not stop you. You need to move from this place. It’s time to make a move! Stop worrying and start doing! Stop creating situations in your head and deal with the real world. Life is going on with or without you, I suggest you get busy living! Know that there are many things that I have feared, things that I have worried about but be reminded that I have become more comfortable with doing things while I was yet afraid. Honestly, the things that I have done afraid, has was actually easier than I would have ever imagined! I’m sure I know why and I’m sure you know why too, God will do the impossible! To God be the Glory! So do it afraid, trust God and watch your life change before your very eyes! People will be amazed and so will you!



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