Whatever you are facing or confronted with decide today to deal with it! No matter what it is, the longer you avoid it, the longer it will take to move past it. It will become a road block to your destination. You will not be able to accomplish all that is set before you. It has been long enough, you have been stuck long enough! Choose to deal with what needs to be dealt with! Whether it’s personal, professionally, spiritual, financial, health-wise or whatever, it deserves your attention NOW! The rest of your life is on hold because you refuse to address what needs to be addressed! You keeps dressing up and making over what needs to be dealt with or healed! It will not work! If you put you best table cloth over a broke table, it’s still broke! It will serve no purpose and possibly cause more harm. Stop putting fresh paint on rotten inc wood; it will crumble before your eyes. Pressure on top of pressure will cause one to implode or explode, this is not good nor is it healthy! You often wonder why you seem to move forward only to fall fast and hard backwards! Stop putting a pretty covering over an ugly situation! Stop convincing yourself something is; what it is not! Stop acting like all is good when it all went to hell in a hand-basket long ago! Today I admonish you to look at the situation in the face and say, “NOT TODAY”! Refuse to say you can’t do it, refuse to say you can’t handle it; with God all things are possible! God can and God will! You must be a willing vessel, He is ready! This day, this moment has been set aside for you to deal with whatever you need to and know that God is on your side. You can not and will not fail! Yes, you may go through some things but that won’t be new. You have been going through long enough! This time, you will go through and reach the other side! YOU ARE READY! don’t be mad that you stayed too long, be happy that you decided you could be the change you wanted to see! So change your mind, change your ways and change your world! We all need to change our views from time to time. Renegotiate the contract, so you will win! So while you deal with what needs to be dealt with, know that I am too! Know that I am here and I care! Let’s getting busy dealing with what’s been dealing with us! I’m ready, are you!



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