It’s not ok to lie to yourself or others anymore! Stop pretending to live on the outside and you are dying on the inside! Stop expanding your vocabulary when you refused to expand your thought processes! Stop running around with and open mouth yet you have a closed mind! Stop telling people you are happy when the truth is, you don’t know why a happy insane never experienced joy. Stop quoting people and scriptures if you are not applying them in your life! Stop being the wind to others when you refuse to speak or be life to and for yourself! Stop, It’s not ok! Stop recognizing the STAR in everyone else when you refused to see your own qualities and potential! STOP, it’s not ok! Stop being someone else’s option and demand to be a choice: THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH! Stop letting people dictate who and what you are or will be and start making your own choices! Stop preaching and teaching when all you are doing is cheating? Stop telling your self your are skinny in your head when you are fat in reality; your health matters! Your health is connected to your wealth; wealth is not always financial. Stop, it’s not ok! Really, it’s not ok. YOU CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT leave your past, yet bring the same people, stuff and mindset into you now while you are preparing for your future! It will not work, you will find yourself in the same situation with the same circumstances at a different location, that’s it! IT’S NOT OK! Stop cleaning up everyone else’s business, while you are living in a mess! Stop worrying about everyone else and work on what you have going on! Yes, you have something you can work on or improve. Let’s clarify, you can help and continue to pray for others BUT KNOW THAT ONLY GOD SAVES! Stop, it’s not ok to pretend you can handle everything. Stop providing everyone with the keys to your life; If they are the keys to your house, your car, your heart, your life, WHY does everyone have the key to do, go or come as they please? Stop, because it’s not ok! I’m not sure what you were taught or have being doing but today is your NEW START! STOP GOING TO WORK TO COMPLAIN, GO TO WORK WHILE YOU PLAN AND PURSUE YOUR OWN COMPANY! STOP GOING TO CHURCH TO SET THE CHURCH FOLKS OUT, SEE WHAT YOU KNOW WHO IS WEARING OR TO TRY TO CORRECT AND SET THE PREACHER STRAIGHT, it’s not your job, nor do you have the authority to do so! Go to hear and receive what God has to say, receive the WORD! BONUS: if you had all of this together etc, wouldn’t you be the preacher with your own church? Lol! Stop, it’s not ok to just exist, I admonish you to start actively and consciously living! You deserve to live life in abundance, albeit love, laughter, peace, prosperity, success, health, faith, etc! So stop giving in and start doing whatever you aspire to do! I dare you to walk by faith and not by sight! If you doubt me, try God! Just in case you wondering if this message is for you, here are a few checks: if you have been longing to make that move, but haven’t, do it! If you have become uncomfortable in your old comfort zone, it’s time! If you have become complacent and still not content, this is also for you! If something keeps weighing on your heart and mind, and you keep hearing the same message, that’s your confirmation! It’s time! Don’t worry, everyone you thought you were controlling, helping or saving; GOD WILL PROVIDE! Start chasing your dreams so they won’t be buried with you! Stop planing your legacy that you will leave and start creating your living legacy now!! Stop thinking you got this, you really don’t! Your were never in control, just in the way, so get out of the way and WATCH GOD!



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