So many people are going to say TGIF while you are screaming on the inside, “I am so tired”. You have been trying to hold on , show good face and smile while crying in the inside. You seem to have every kind of problem with no end in site; please know that it’s going to be ok. Family and friends have turned their backs on you, your support circle disappeared and you have no one to lean on. I’m am here to encourage you to lean not on your own understanding, instead lean on God! God is able to carry you through! God is able to ‘fix it’ for you. God had to remove your distractions so you can focus on what really matters, Him! One you turn things over to Him and leave them there, you will be so much better! You see troubles don’t last always! Troubles will trouble you if you let them but I admonish you to give them an expiration date. So don’t let your troubles trouble you instead let them empower you to overcome! You are more than a conqueror! You can stand still and know that your battle is already won! Now I’m sure this week brought some new troubles and the wind got knocked out of you, that’s alright, everything will be ok. You see you fell on your back so you could look up and see that God is still God and God is still Good! He wanted you to see that even when you are down, the sky is the limit! He wanted you know that it s not about the fall but about the come up! He wants you to know that you will have adversity but you will have to know how to over one adversity! Rise above and soar! Go ahead and shout your troubles over!


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