YES, the struggle is real but sometimes the struggle is you. You don’t have to struggle, some things you get to just step into because God said so. You have fought for everything you have and you don’t know what it is to have something given to you. When God gives you favor there is no struggle! God is opening doors and creating new paths for you but you keep knocking at closed doors and traveling old paths, STOP! I repeat Stop! Breathe, pray and be still! Allow God to speak to you. Learn to listen with intention to the Holy Spirit. Be willing to receive without trying to modify and change what you heard. Cut the chatter off in your head, stop listening to the negativity of self. Speak positive things for the next 48 hours and see happens. So you have done wrong, we all have, your debt is paid in full! Apologize and move on! Now create new energy, renew your mind. Focus on not conforming to this world. Stop telling to everybody, everybody don’t want what you want. Some people are where they want to be. Besides, when you make it to your destination, send back for them. Right now you must travel alone. Whatever you do don’t tell anyone just do it, hopefully this will be so good that you adapt it as a lifestyle change. You must be willing to change and become a changer in order to see change. You are the first reflection you see in the mirror each day, start with self! You are everything your heart tells you even if your mind doesn’t agree right now, we’ll work on that! You have fought hard and long enough, you can rest now. The battle is not yours! You are now in a position to receive what God has for you, now man! Can you handle that? No struggle is required, however you must surrender. Give your power to the Controller and ask Him for guidance and direction. Proceed with praise, you are on your way! It’s nice to not have to struggle for what you want; new and unusual but it’s nice! He will give you the desires of your heart! Welcome to This place!



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