Whatever it is that you’re going through no matter if it’s personally professionally spiritually financially or even healthwise know that you’re going to be OK! I stopped by today to tell you to keep on keeping on! You have been thrown some curves just to get you distracted. I am here to tell you that you must remain focused, steadfast and immovable. You are more than a conqueror, greater is HE that lives in you than he that is of the world! God prepared you before you were even born to be able endure all the things you were going to be confronted with. You were given ears to be able to hear what with the Spirit has to say. You were given him a mouth because there’s power in the tongue! Learn to speak things as though they will be as if they already are. You were given a heart because you have to love the people that hate you! You were giving hands because you are going to have to help people that you never tried to help you! You were given a nose, to be able to take a deep breath, don’t let anyone or anything suffocate you! You were given feet because you will have to step out on faith! You were given legs because you want to stand the tests of time. You were given a mind so you can think for yourself and know right from wrong! Your thoughts can either free you or imprison you! Your thoughts can change your world, you see your attitude will change your altitude! You were given a body made in His image, represent Him well! Your are not alone and you are not some broken pieces, you are whole! You are wondrously made regardless of what some does or does not say. Yes, you may have been bent over, you may have been all out of shape but know that you were never broken! I know you are strong, beautiful and you have what it takes to keep on keeping on! I stop by today to tell you that you are on your way you will make it! You will achieve it! You will accomplish it and you will succeed at what ever it is you put your mind to! I love you! I love what and who you are becoming!


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